Why Us

Servicing the community since 1997, we are highly experienced in understanding the media need of all kind of clients and therefore are able to assist them with our best efforts to reach Australia’s large and diverse multicultural market. Our unique expertise is also being used to bring advertising clients with the greatest results they have ever received and consequently help them to achieve the best business sales record.

Please note we represent all the major Chinese newspapers in Australia NOT any single newspaper, in that case we are always able to place your ad in the best suitable newspaper for your specific advertising needs through our professional advice and media selections.

You should choose us to complete your advertising plan in Chinese newspapers because:


We are familiar with Chinese culture and will offer you the realistic advice of whether or not your product(s) will be potentially appealing to Chinese readers.


We are able to make an impartial selection of the most suitable newspapers among a number of similarities to promote your product(s) and optimize advertising results.


We offer you professional advertising artwork design to attract reader’s attention.


Our proficiency in English to Chinese translation ensures the accuracy of your advertising message to be delivered.


As an agency we are able to offer you a comprehensive advertising plan in multi-newspapers at very competitive package rates to maximize your marketing strength which any single newspaper can’t provide.

To improve our service we always contact our existing clients for feedbacks and are willing to review or adjust the present proposals according to different clients’ requirements. Our main aim is to make communication with the multicultural market easy and enjoyable.